1. There is nothing stopping you working in your pj’s – just not the pj’s you slept in! Wear whatever you are most comfortable in but try to have some sort of routine

2. Still put your shoes on. Weird I know but it’s not about the shoes it’s about the routine. Try and find something which separates your pre-work morning from your workday.

3. Nobody knows how often you shower or if you clean your teeth…. except for you. If it makes you feel better, then don’t stop doing it whether its freshly conditioned hair or aftershave. You will work better feeling good about yourself

4. Drink lots of liquids (preferably non-alcoholic ones – but we are not judging!) It forces you to take a periodic break as it is all too easy to go for hours without leaving your desk. This is an effective way to force you to move and staying hydrated helps with concentration.

5. Your working hours are flexible and if you are getting your work done you don’t need to obsess over this anymore. If you need a morning off and want to work late into the evening, then just enjoy the ‘time-shifting’ that has come with your new life.

6. It’s Ok to eat at your keyboard and keep working but just don’t hover over your keyboard. Snacking is a working from home highlight without anyone judging you but make sure you are not eating during a Zoom meeting!

7. Work with a friend using Zoom. Working from home doesn’t mean that you need to work alone. This will help you to feel connected, have a chat and do some work.

8. Join large meetings around 30 secs late to make sure you don’t show up on the top of everyone’s screen the entire time!

9. Wireless headphones are fantastic as you can make a cup of tea or go to the loo during a meeting. Don’t do this! For us, their main use is to get some peace and quiet to work!

10. Virtual backgrounds are not just to hide your messy office space. They are a fun way to entertain your friends and workmates. Don’t be afraid to go all out and show some personality here.

11. Everything about video meetings is, on some level, awkward. You might as well acknowledge that and lean into it! It will make you feel more human.

12. If you adjust your camera ever so slightly upwards, nobody will notice that you have your legs on your desk. We are full of useful information!

13. If you don’t have to have your face on the screen, then go for a walk during the meeting. It’s a good way to maintain focus and stop you from falling asleep. A great time to do some weeding or hang the washing out. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Share your top tips with us.