Pinterest is the home of inspiration. It is the only visual search engine in the world and nine out of ten people use it to get inspired about things to buy. Eight of whom ending up doing so. That’s powerful stuff! Imagine that Google and Instagram had a baby. That’s Pinterest.

Ecommerce is booming and so it is more important than ever to be where your consumers are. Pinners tend to be future thinkers and use the platform to plan and look forward to decisions they will need to make. This enables an early indication of what’s to come and helps all brands to make better business decisions. That future mind-set is exactly what makes Pinterest so valuable to your business. People on Pinterest are ready to act. They are there to decide on their next purchase and they are looking for inspiration. 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are non-branded. People come looking for something and not a brand. This is an incredible opportunity for your business to introduce itself at exactly the moment they are most open to seeing you, before the competition gets there. There are over 400 million monthly active users around the globe and it is still growing fast.

Pinners are planners. These things can range from seasonal gifts, professional services, home and garden ideas, recipes or mindfulness. The options are huge! For Pinterest Advertisers, this is where the magic happens. Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to show up early and meaningfully to shape inspired decisions around key moments. There is a natural alignment between what consumers are there to do and what advertisers are there to do. The brands that do well on Pinterest are offering the right solution at the right time and that’s why it takes half as many impressions to convert someone on Pinterest than on other platforms. 85% of weekly pinners have bought something based on Pins they see.

Pinterest offers a full-funnel solution. Awareness – Consideration – Purchase.

People don’t just come to Pinterest to find inspiring content – they come to act on it. You can share relevant content through ads at every stage of their sales journey. From exploring possibilities to making comparisons to being there when they are ready to make a purchase.

Never has visual search and discovery been more important in determining what people buy. A lot of different kinds of people are on Pinterest but they do have somethings in common. They tend to be the decision-makers in their home – the ones with the purchasing power. They tend to have higher incomes and they like to plan, spend and buy more than on other platforms. This delivers higher value for your business.

You can reach all your business goals on Pinterest which is why you need to be on there. A bonus is that it is still a positive, optimistic corner of the internet. It’s a safe place that’s helpful and productive. Now more than ever the Pinterest community is staying positive. 91% of people say that Pinterest is a place of positivity and 83% say it helps to build their confidence. In March 2020 new ‘self-care’ boards were up by 20%.

As if this was not compelling enough:

Ads on Pinterest deliver…

  • 2.3x lower cost per conversion vs. ads on social media
  • 3x more likely to click through to a website than other social media
  • Ads deliver relevant and timely content that resonates with your audience
  • >25% of the time on Pinterest is spent shopping – higher than on any social media platform

Building ads to target your ideal customer has never been more accessible.

Behavioural targeting helps you to reach groups of specific people by combining information about your customers with information about how people use Pinterest; Interests – shows ads to people based on what they like; keywords – reach people as they search for a specific idea; Actalikes – Reach people similar to one of your existing audiences.

Demographic defines your ideal audience based on gender, language and location

Retargeting enables you to reach even more relevant people using retargeting parameters such as a customer list, engagement and site visitors.

Bidding is a power ads tool that influences the total amount of clicks you can get for your ads. You can choose between custom CPC or CPA bids which are manually entered and updated by you or automatic bidding where Pinterest takes care of it for you.

To Pinterest Ads are content. They don’t interrupt; they inspire. They are not a distraction on the feed but a decision-making tool. They manage to provide the fuel to make ideas happen.

Here at The Social Giraffe we have spent many months using our clients as case-studies to perfect using Pinterest Ads and have come up with some amazing results. Our advanced training has taken us (virtually) all over the world to seek the best and most up-to-date Pinterest Advertising information. From America to Canada, New Zealand to Australia. We have combined our learning and experience into an 8- week modular course to bring you the very best chance of succeeding at running a Pinterest advertising campaign for your business. No matter what your business is!

The Pinterest Ads Hustle with The Social Giraffe is an expansive learning experience designed in conjunction with a qualified teacher. This live-learning course will only run 3x per year. We have a huge amount of FREE bonus material to offer including our 4-week Basic Business Pinterest Hustle course to get you up to speed before the ads course starts.

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