Dreaming of Pinning?

I wonder if it is only us that dreams about Pinterest? We have lost count of the hours we have spent scrolling through endless beautiful images on Pinterest. But they are not wasted hours – we have planned new interiors for our homes, saved pins ready for Christmas shopping, collated ideas for the dreaded home schooling, found inspiring book lists, signed up from fab resources and redesigned our whole veg garden. However, most of all we have found brands that we would have never heard of through a normal google search.

We have had many businesses ask what to expect with Pinterest, they want to make it a priority but are unsure of what to expect. It can be hard to explain Pinterest, it’s still an unknown (and very untapped) beast for most people. Most are familiar with a personal account, but few businesses are fully utilising Pinterest, which seems a real shame when it has the capacity to drive traffic more than any other social media platform. But this brings us back to the original point – how do you explain Pinterest to businesses who know they should be using it but don’t understand why or even more importantly how?

I had a light bulb moment watching a Will Smith film the other evening called ‘Focus’. If you have not seen it don’t worry (there are better films on Netflix, you are not missing anything!) but you may be familiar with the BBC series ‘Hustle’ about a group of con artists?

The ‘hustle’ is all about getting someone to pick someone or do something specific that was planned all the way along. Will Smith shows his ‘target’ the number 55 throughout a day through subconscious prompts. The target then chooses the number 55 which results in the con man winning the game. Simple!

Now this is where Pinterest gets interesting. I am not suggesting that the business on Pinterest are playing a con, but I am suggesting that Pinterest algorithm operates in just that way….

Pinterest is the con man (in this case the rather attractive Will Smith!) he isn’t cheating but is cleverly showing Pinners images of things THEY WANT or most importantly don’t even know they want YET! and therefore subconsciously telling Pinners that they must have it or must find out more or be part of it. Are you keeping up with me?!

The Pinterest hustle is a thing, it’s real, and it works for businesses time and time again. There is no other platform like it. You can brazenly shout out daily about your product without anyone criticising you for being pushy. It’s a visual search engine, not social media and is a hugely supportive community.

So why isn’t EVERY business harnessing the power of Pinterest? If you are a business and want to drive web traffic to a specific place then Pinterest MUST be part of your marketing plan. So what is stopping you from jumping in with both feet? Is it that it is time consuming? complicated? or simply overwhelm of too many things to juggle?

Not surprisingly there are very simple methods to grow your reach but like any social media platform there is a recipe for success.

1. Optimise your business account properly

Make sure you are using a business account and not a personal one. You can convert your personal account to business. This will give you analytics and access to the Business Hub. Make sure you claim your website.

2. Consistency

Pinterest likes routine with Pinning. Not the time of day but the regularity of Pinning. Don’t think that you have to Pin 50 times a day – we have seen amazing results with 3-5 Pins per day. The importance is the Pin content, focus on quality over quantity.

3. Planning

Write out a ‘Pin Plan’. You must use fresh content daily. This does not mean a different blog, email freebie, resource, offer, product etc it simply means a new pin graphic pointing to the same piece of content. Therefore you can create 10 Pins to promote your new podcast episode, post two a day for 5 days all pointing to the same podcast on your website.

Still not sure? Our top tip is to get on Pinterest and explore your business niche and see what others are doing…. and check back in with us for more updates soon.